y-sweet: a Yjs server with persistence and auth

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y-sweet is an open-source server for building realtime applications on top of the Yjs (opens in a new tab) CRDT library.


y-sweet stack

The y-sweet server can be used by any Yjs app, or you can use our opinionated stack to integrate Yjs and y-sweet into a Next.js app.

  • @y-sweet/sdk, a TypeScript library for interacting with y-sweet-server from your application backend.
  • @y-sweet/react, a React hooks library for building Yjs applications.
  • A debugger for exploring Yjs document and presence state (WIP).

The goal of the y-sweet stack is to give developers the end-to-end developer ergonomics they would expect from a proprietary state-sync platform, without the lock-in.

y-sweet is MIT-licensed, and was created by Drifting in Space (opens in a new tab).

Hosted y-sweet

We are working on a hosted y-sweet service, available in September 2023. You can try a preview for free today by following our quickstart guide.

If you are interested in being a build partner for early access to new features, please reach out.

We are committed to growing y-sweet as an open-source-first project, wherever you decide to host it.

y-sweet was created by Drifting in Space.